Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Accessibility important factor in SEO

How crucial is web site accessibility for your online business

2 complimentary aspect
of Online Business are important: SEO and Web Accessibility.

1-- SEO with offsite and onsite techniques
2-- Site Accessibility

Neither one of these aspects can be ignored when you are online serving customers.

Why is SEO one of the important aspect of Web Marketing? It is done with the aim of achieving higher traffic. If the SEO is done properly the traffic goes higher, and a high number of users want to access the site. Unfortunately the serving pages going slowly or not serving them at all, cause the user to see "Internal Server Error" , "Not Found" or "Page can not be displayed" and other ... errors.

This is when you worry about accessibility. Not being able to reach your site means a negative brand impact to your site. In addition, if Web site services-including support information, and the functionality-are inaccessible the risk of loosing direct customers is higher.

The results of ignoring the second aspect of SEO:

  • Waste of optimization efforts
  • Risks to fail online
  • Lost customers
  • Lower brand reputation
  • Traffic decrease
  • Customer complaints
All these you get if your SEO is not combined with improved uptime and performance.

Site accessibility means quick load time and high uptime.

Dynamically improving the site performance allows you to ensure a consistent quality of service to the user, avoiding the possibility of them not returning when faced with poor performance.

How to improve: by constantly keeping your eye on your web site performance

Web Monitoring

HTTP Monitors checks web site header response time and notifies if it is slow or unreachable. The bad response are 400 client errors for instance 404 is when page is not found .
You need to control each outgoing HTTP request from your computer and download only necessary Internet resources. And monitor critical applications from your client location to ensure mutual connectivity for better business and customer satisfaction.

Server Monitors check web server performance and availability: CPU, memory and processes. Monitoring key processes on your servers you will determine CPU and memory consumption by each process. If CPU consumption is high and/or processes take up a lot of the server resources, all the applications on the sever start loading slowly causing web site a bad user experience. This monitoring reveals obvious problems long before the processor or memory would be permanently damaged.

By proactive monitoring you'll be the first to know of your site functionality problems before your customers.

SEO efforts are geared to attracting customers to your site. Monitoring helps to provide excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Both together ensure good service online.

Now watch the video to see how to increase your revenue potential with Web Monitoring.

Author: Kristina Frangulyan

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