Monday, September 1, 2008

Uptime Trends in Social Sites

Social networking is one of the most productive ways to promote your site and interact with others and gain some knowledgeable experience. And if you are a sociable and interesting person this will be a real benifit for you . Day by day these social sites are experiencing tremendous audience growth.

When you find something which fascinates you then this can help to broaden your knowledge. Yo can then share this with other people or friends in the web. For me, I simply enjoy my time in these sites to get useful information about everything in the world. By the way I'm new in this sphere but must say I like it.
I did a small study on site uptime and performance of the social media sites I was using a lot during my work. I noticed that some times they work slow or are not accessible.I decided to monitor them using (A Free website monitoring tool). I entered the following sites to the monitoring ( Linkedin, Simpy, Tagged, Blinklist, Reddit, Furl, Wists, Connotea, 2collab, Sphinn, Livejournal,Technorati ) but talked about the ones I use frequently.
I put the sites on monitoring August 5 2008 and used 3 weeks to get the results.

Here are the results...

Digg has 382,792,751 - Inbound Links, 22,578,945 - Compete Monthly Visitors
It is one of the best social bookmaking sites where you can share content that you like with a broader audience of Digg users.
And you can easily send out a "shout" to all of your friends, which will in turn bring you some additional diggs to help push your post to the top.
Being popular on Digg means Dependable traffic increases for the website you submitted.
Now let us see the Digg
1)Average uptime 99.88 %
2)Average Response time 1028.4

StumbleUpon 19,050,177 - Inbound Links, 1,313,586 - Compete Monthly Visitors
This is one of my favorite sites I like stumbling upon and I'm keeping my thumbs up.
With StumbleUpon I connect with friends and share my discoveries: videos, photos and more based on my interests.
Meet people that have similar interests. It's community is lovely and valuable.I like stumbleUpon features, especially when it tracks my visitors, shows my friends latest updates in “what’s new .“ There are lots of things to do in this site and I'm just beginning to surf the internet with the StumbleUpon.
In this month Stubbleupon
1)Average uptime 99.97%
2) Average Response time 278.4

At August 26 Facebook hit 100 million.
And now 100 million people around the world using Facebook to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.
Facebook is a good and trusted place for me to share my pics, videos some interesting posts and simply interact with my friends.
And among this 100milion people I enjoy my visit to this site each time. Oh, I was nearly forgetting to talk about there applications, they are so many funny applications and many remind me of my childhood games.
1)Average uptime 99.69%
2) Average Response time 397,6

A combined a view of everyone's bookmarks with a given tag available within 171,593,051 - Inbound Links and 1,699,128 - Compete Monthly Visitors.
For SEO specialists and Web 2.0 users it is essential to bookmark in Delicious.
It gives you an opportunity to
subscribe to particular tags of users.
So If you are interested only in particular parts of a user's bookmarks then you can subscribe directly to that tag's feed.
1) Average uptime 99.74 %
2) Average Response time 173.6

Propeller has 997,000 - Inbound Links and 1,454,912 - Compete Monthly Visitors
It is a social news portal site where you can submit your story and many people will view your story if it is interesting and unique. There are also cool groups which you can join.
But... I liked the old version more. And google was indexing my posts very quick ,which I don't see now, even after some days. And also I don't like the Propeller's new design.
Anyway this is Propeller uptime and response time
1) Average uptime 99.29 %
2) Average Response time 174.64

MySpace is a popular social networking website with more than 100 million users and 230,000 new users per day.
I have my profile there it offers an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. But the trend there more is socializing directed, than business usage in comparison with facebook or stumbleupon.
1) Average uptime 99,74
2) Average Response time 276,3

Author: Kristina Frangulyan
My Profiles:

My Sosial sites are benchmarked in Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks.

I also included screenshots from on Social Sites' daily uptime results, and video on my monitoring dashboard from YouTube.


Sherin - IInternals said...

Gayan, This is an excellent information. In my opinion, joining with all the social networking sites are foolishness because we will not get time to do the timely updates with number of site. researching an finding some good sites are always good. I have personal interest with facebook because of its connection to twitter, myspace because of its huge user base and stumble upon.

How do you feeling with that?

Sherin - Investinternals

make your widget to the footer of this blog.

You lady, don't know how to arrange the widgets in line and neatly. Then do that... it seems scattered in the sidebar.

Gayane Dallakyan said...

I do not look at MySpace any more. Huge user base, but who are they? If you have a success share please. I feel it's not site for business linkages and networking. Suspicious profiles and maybe 14-16 year old kids just having fun.

Thanks Sherin for design comment. Will look into.

ARMINA5 said...

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