Monday, September 29, 2008

Prevent GoDaddy Charging $6,579.51 to a Customer

Adam Fendelman wrote and article in The Huntington Post about GoDaddy charging him $6,579.51. After four days of investigation by GoDaddy's security department the reason was found. The server wasn't "hacked"; the problem came from Drupal open source software which deposited thousands of temporary files into my GoDaddy hosting account. After back and forth negotiations with GoDaddy, finally the situation was resolved by GoDaddy promising "significant changes" to help prevent this issue for other people in the future.

GoDaddy wanted the customer to monitor this proactively by logging into his account, digging deep within their tools and checking the one that reports disk space usage.

Below addressed 2 other ways to prevent the issue.

1) Using a third party proactive server monitoring service would've revealed the issue much earlier to prevent customer paying $969 in the first place, spending long unproductive hours of investigating the situation and being frustrated and unhappy with the provider.

2) For GoDaddy to prevent all problems, including client complaints and refunding they could setup a simple server monitoring on the disc space cap and an automated email notification to client about critical risk of exceeding quota.

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