Thursday, January 17, 2008

Using Monitis for External Monitoring of Your Websites

When you’re running a dynamic site, your online business cannot afford downtime. If your website is down your visitors and customers will go elsewhere. You need to know as soon as possible if your site is not available to your customer. You should be able to detect when something goes wrong before a failure occurred.

To provide exceptional customer satisfaction, you need to be aware of of your customers experience when they try to access your website. To accomplish this you will need to subscribe to an external website monitoring site.

External website monitoring service watches over your website and fully examines your customer experience with your website. It checks whether your site is available to your visitors and whether it is performing properly.

You can use Monitis, Web Server Performance, Availability, Traffic Monitoring and Analytics service, that offers different options for testing your customer experience from outside the firewall. The screenshot below shows Monitis external monitoring dashboard.

Monitis external monitoring agent periodically checks your web page and evaluates your customers. It retrieves real time reports about your website behavior, and alerts you if something fails in meeting the proper performance requirements.

Monitis presently monitors websites from four geographic locations: The UK, the USA, Panama and Germany. Reports on the Monitis dashboard show Response time in Milliseconds, Status and Location. Usually when the page load time reaches 2 seconds it requires little attention. If it is 4 seconds then it is considered slow. If the load speed is over 4 seconds and gets to 8-10 seconds, the site is considered critical.

Using Monitis external monitoring agent site owners can monitor all standard protocols for Web sites and web applications: website (http, https), VoIP (SIP protocol), Email server, Network/Device (TCP, UDP, FTP or PING), DNS and/or MySQL.

Monitoring every section is important for ensuring non-stop operations of your website, and these services will enable you to understand which part of the whole cycle caused the problem and malfunctioning of your website.

Monitis also monitors websites for specific phrases, such as checking important keywords, strings and functional parts of the website and signup or other forms. Activating GET command will allow the monitor to grab an entire page and look for key information. This part of the external monitoring is called content matching. POST command monitors functional forms of your website to ensure that they work properly.

Alerts and notifications are sent to contacts set by the customers: email, instant messengers and SMS (text messages to cell phones) according to notification rules, defined dynamically from the external monitoring module, and can be managed from Notifications module. Monitis will also report problems via RSS feeds.

Monitoring results are displayed on the dashboard (see below) easy to customize using drag and drop functionality and changing views to Line, Bar, Table views and Scatter chart. External monitoring reports are generated from the External Monitoring module for previous and current months. Weekly reports are emailed to all customers.

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