Thursday, December 11, 2008

On-Demand Approach in Professional Monitoring

Solving individual custom-made monitoring needs Monitis is launching a new subscription plan now "Build Plan"; it's a custom plan builder. Before Monitis services were “wrapped” into standard packages, and specific customer requirements handled through dialoguing with the support staff to set them up. Extra steps eliminated by custom-built and on-demand service option allowing users independently bundle their monitoring service.

The builder also calculates monthly or yearly price and each group like webmasters, system and network administrators, enterprise IT specialists and managers, helpdesks, ISPs, MSPs and VARs can instantly subscribe using Paypal or credit card.

The screen below shows possibilities of the plan builder. It allows to:

1) Choose quantity and type of monitors;

2) Determine monitoring location;

3) Set monitoring frequency;

4) Choose number of sub-accounts.

It will also generate the price and immediately take to your own Monitoring Dashboard.

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