Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free SNMP Monitor Released

Increasing in number and variety of customer groups evolved new business model at Monitis. It started series of on-demand services enabling customers to incrementally add new monitoring services as new systems come online. For example, businesses may only want to monitor; transactions, servers, desktops, netflow, traffic, printers, etc.

IT service providers may only want to look for affordable SNMP monitors to provide remote monitoring services to their clients. IT managers of small companies may only be interested in desktop monitoring. Businesses that use video conferences may be only interested in monitoring VoIP. Tourism sites may only need to monitor visitor traffic so they can develop the best marketing. Monitoring e-mail roundtrips can be something of interest for mail service providing companies. E-commerce sites may be interested most in transaction monitoring.

Each of these specific services will be at different URL's and include monitoring with alerts in case of problems. Additionally, these services will include weekly and monthly reports with possibilities to share and communicate the information to other interested parties.

SNMP Monitor has launched now in beta release. Stress testing service coming this week.

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