Monday, August 25, 2008

Application Monitoring for Banks and Financial Institutions

Server, application, network and website monitoring are very important for a flourishing e businesses. There are several very important monitoring needs for banks and financial institutions to be successful and maintaining their reputation. One of them is application performance monitoring. Online banking reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction. But unavailability of the service has an adverse affect.

Here's an example:
o Internal IT monitoring reports 100% uptime, but the bank gets customer complaints
o The bank starts losing loyal customers and banking transactions were reduced

Simple availability monitoring does not provide full customer experience measure to be able to reduce complaints and improve the service quality. Banking experience consists of steps consisting in a workflow. This is where an external application performance monitor can discover the issue.

It will monitor every step within a transaction and show and reveal the missing link.

Application monitoring provides important information which banks can use to compel the system integrator for better service levels and could improve the reputation and customer loyalty.

Application monitoring is necessary for the smooth flow of transactions. User interaction with the applications is an important aspect involved in website monitoring.


Sherin - IInternals said...

There will be some IT practices that should follow with big organizations. Most of the big companies using the tools that is possible to configure as per there requirements. Some tools will have ability to monitor multiple environment from a single installation but multiple required configuration. This is a nice post..

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