Friday, May 30, 2008

Use Monitis to Improve Page Landing Speed: Pay Less for Google AdWards Ad

To ensure high quality ad experience for their visitors google now evaluates ad destination pages according to the page landing speed. The Advertisers must provide high performance of web pages they want to advertise on AdWords. The higher the load speed, the less is Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rate. According to Google high quality landing pages should provide relevant and original content, transparency and navigability.

On-going monitoring checks availability and calculates performance of web pages. Measurements help prevent not only from being disqualified or banned by AdWords, but save advertisement costs. Setting performance thresholds will allow prevent unnecessary page load delays. Here's how can Monitis be used by Marketers and Advertisers:

Monitis External Monitoring module allows you to perform page load tests, measure redirect time, implement functional checks as well check availability of relevant content:

Response time to http request (HTTP)

Availability of relevant content (Content Matching)

User experience with functional parts of the website (Post Data)

Monitis DNS lookup test checks the time required for name server to look up for the IP address.

The browser can't download anything from this hostname until the DNS lookup is completed.

Monitis DNS monitoring report shows average lookup time in milliseconds and min. and max. values.

Allowed time is 20-120 milliseconds. Exceeding the time will decrease the quality of the web page.

80-90% of the end-user response time is spent downloading all the components in the page: images, stylesheets, scripts, Flash, etc.

Monitis Transaction Module (TM) allows to measure page load time to threshold and alert when page loading is slow.

According to AdWords guidelines page load time threshold is the regional average plus three seconds.

Monitis TM allows you to set the threshold on each step within the workflow. Steps consist of components loading during page execution. Time is measured in milliseconds.

Transaction fails, when one of the step is slow due to components load time exceeding the set thresholds.

Monitis TM measures end-user experience with the critical path or workflow to improve navigability.

Detailed diagnostics of the problem allows to proactively fix and improve site overall Quality Score.

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