Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Landing Page Load Time – Important Factor for Google Quality Score

Google AdWords blog states Google’s intention to incorporate landing page load time in their Quality Score. Companies advertising on Google's AdWords system have to prove best experience for their users. The slow loading pages will receive higher minimum bids and lower Quality Scores, and visa versa. This means that the advertisers have to pay more if their records show slow page load.

Load time is important for providing quality service to users. If you have fast loading time the you won't easily be abandoned. Load time is amount of time required for the page to load, when vistors click on the link or ad. While working on optimizing page load times, tools are required to monitor and measure. Monitis suggests very cost effective http monitoring which starts immediately after entering page URL into Monitis External Monitoring module. The real time report appears within 5 minutes showing load time from different geographic locations.

Users set threshold and monitoring, and receive alerts when load time is slower than the acceptable level. Content matching will show if the important keywords spread out on your page are available and load quickly.

Google will evaluate Quality Scores on monthly basis. Independent external monitoring will help to improve and optimize pages proactively and increase Google Quality Score.

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