Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where the Blogs At?

Recently we have been searching many different blogs to find what information concerning website monitoring. After searching through sites like Technorati, MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Google blog search and other search engines we have come up pretty blank. However, we did manage to find a few blogs that talk about the importance of website monitoring and related services. If anyone has or finds any good blogs be sure to let us know!

Monitoring Guide
Web/Networks/SEO/Monitoring Related Blog

This blog is dedicated to topics related to website monitoring. The most recent post talks about the importance of monitoring frequently. You want to find a site which monitors more then once every 60 minutes since downtimes can be for shorter periods of time. Web companies normally state there servers are up 99% to 99.9% which doesn't sound like allot but the difference between the two is 80 hours per year. In total this means that you website is down for around 4 days a year.

This blog has a lot of good info on all aspects of promoting websites and ways to improve businesses. There was a good post about the importance of site rankings. You want your site to rank high but you can't just wait for traffic to come. In an ever changing environment you need to track your own site versus your competitor's. Web owners will compete for the highest ranking but luckily this isn't a problem since there are many tools available to see how you are doing.

Technical News

This blog is mainly about technical news and business reports but there is a posting about the importance of protecting yourself from hackers. You really need to make sure that your website isn't down from hackers, especially during buying seasons. You can start a 14 day trial version at Atwatch Advanced Website Monitoring Today! They can help you thru the tough financial times and can defend you from hackers and much more.

Web Hosting Blog
Hosting Events & Facts

This is a web hosting blog but has several postings concerning monitoring. In a recent post Aliax gives 5 reasons why you want to use website monitoring. For instance you don't want to hear customers complain; you can't trust hosting companies all the time, you want your website available around the world, your company could expand too quickly and you need to keep up with changes, and you want to be known as a reputable and trustworthy business. There are also postings which talk about web load stress testing and web monitoring reality. Check it out.


This blog is hosted by Scott Leslie who is an educational technology researcher and emerging technology analyst. His blog has info on things like e-learning, social learning, learning design, etc. One of his posts talks about the importance of web monitoring. He was having some problems with his server but he didn't want to buy any software. Scott came across montastic and has been using it ever since. He believes it's easy to use and ideal for any average instructor or blogger and recommends it to others.

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